What is Your Decorating Style

What is Your Decorating Style

Are you unsure of your decorating style. There are many different ways to decorate your home and you are the only person who can choose the style that fits your personality. You might be (as I am) more comfortable with the cottage style, books everywhere, family pictures, thrift store finds,and comfortable seating. Or you might like the modern sparse look, with everything sleek and nothing that speaks of clutter. Do it your way and love your style as you create it.

Don’t be intimidated by what the neighbors have, create a home that fits you and your family. understand yourself, and the decorating of your home will fall into place. Your home should reflect the self you are comfortable with. If you see something that has no meaning to you, weed it out. What do you feel most comfortable with? What feeling do you want your home to present? Do you like wide open empty spaces, elegance,comfortable clutter, the look of luxury, impressive or privacy? Walk throughout your house and take inventory. Do you see objects that do not fit in? Is your decorating style in sync with your comfort zone?

Polished floors, luxurious carpets and spacious rooms with fine pieces of furniture and good pieces of art is a home of elegance and sophistication. This style calls for light and airy rooms with muted colors, brocade or silk curtains and tablecloths with an expensive flare.

Comfortable clutter represents a home of books, flowers, collections, old inherited pieces and findings from thrift stores and yard sales. Comfort is the theme here. Thick comfy cushions, a bevy of colorful prints and art work of old buildings, flowers and country scenes. Shelves of books and games with comfortable places for reading and relaxing. Old lace curtains and faded thrift store table cloths work perfectly. Keep flowers loose and simple for a straight from the garden look.

A modern home is furniture with clean, sleek lines, tile or hardwood floors and a streamlined look. Simple is the theme here. Spots of nature’s color, yellow, green blue, orange, and lots of white. No frills curtains and firm cushions. Acrylic tables, and enclosed shelves and closets to collect any clutter is the word here.

Tradition, modern and cottage can combine into a happy medium. The three can be integrated and come out shining. Combining different periods together is all about finding the right balance. Neutral backgrounds and well chosen colors can tie it all together. Simple colors of beige, greens,whites, grays and neutral upholstery can unite styles from different time periods. Add color with flowers, accessories and art work.

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A Bromley, posted this comment on Mar 26th, 2012

Oh I am definitely Comfortable Clutter and I love it. I’d never make it into House Beautiful but if there was a magazine called It Fits The Bill they would love my home. Very nice article and I very much enjoyed reading it.

CHIPMUNK, posted this comment on Mar 26th, 2012

I like a country styled cottage superb ideas

Lex92, posted this comment on Mar 26th, 2012

Hey Ruby!!! I really enjoyed this article especially because I’m getting my own apartment next year, and so excited to decorate it! Thank you so much for your tips!!!

Lex92, posted this comment on Mar 26th, 2012

Well for helping finding my decorating style! *

Shirley Shuler, posted this comment on Mar 26th, 2012

I’m modern sparse, Ruby. You came up with some great ideas!!

LCM Linda, posted this comment on Mar 26th, 2012

Great tips on home decoration. I always want to improve in this aspect to enhance my living quality.

Aroosa Hermosa, posted this comment on Mar 27th, 2012

Great thankx.

yes me, posted this comment on Mar 27th, 2012

Another great share Ruby cheers

papaleng, posted this comment on Mar 27th, 2012

Good ideas to apply.

PR Mace, posted this comment on Mar 29th, 2012

I like bright spaces with blinds and sheer curtains. I love pictures of my family all around and memories made by my children and grandchildren. What a nice article. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Hettie, posted this comment on Mar 29th, 2012

Great article, my flat is small so I am a space saver decorator.

creative kiara, posted this comment on Apr 1st, 2012

I like it i really think it is great I think it is better than mine to tell you the truth!

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